TAX THE RICH! A Conference on Why & How

November 6th, 2019

San Francisco, CA






Robert Reich
Former Labor Secretary
Emmanuel Saez
Professor, UC Berkeley
Gabriel Zucman
Professor, UC Berkeley
Erin Aubry Kaplan
Evolve CA
Sarah Anderson
Institute for Policy Studies
Catherine Bracy
TechEquity Collaborative
Dana Bye
Tax March
Chuck Collins
Institute for Policy Studies
Danny Feingold
Capital & Main
Ben Grieff
Evolve CA
Bill Lazonick
Umass Lowell
Leslie Marshall
Leslie Marshall Show
Gloria Martinez
United Teachers Los Angeles
Jennifer Martinez
PICO California
Dr. Shannon Monnat
Syracuse University
Paul O’Brien
Sydney Scout
Working Families Party
Sen. Nancy Skinner
California State Senator
George Zimmer
Generation Tux




 Welcome Remarks: It’s Time for America’s Millionaires to Pick a Side
 with Erica Payne, President & Founder, Patriotic Millionaires
 Greedy for a Different Kind of Country
 with Morris Pearl, Chairman, Patriotic Millionaires
 The State of Inequality
 with Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary
 How the Rich Dodge Taxes & How to Make the Pay
 with Professors Gabriel Zucman & Emmaneul Saez
 Content Bombs Part 1: How the Rich Got Richer…
 Facilitated by Leslie Marshall, the Leslie Marshall Show
 Content Bomb #1: Stepped Up Basis
 with Patriotic Millionaire Barbara Pearl
 Content Bomb #2: Savings Accounts
 with Patriotic Millionaire Bob Friedman
 Content Bomb #3: Carried Interest Loophole
 with Patriotic Millionaire Rich Boburg
 How Bad Is It? Worse Than You Think
 with Paul O’Brien, Vice President, Oxfam America
 What Killed Hope in America?
 with Dr. Shannon Monnat, Maxwell School, Syracuse University
 Predatory Value Extraction
 with Dr. Bill Lazonik, University of Massachusetts Lowell
 Content Bombs Part 2: Bigger, Bolder, Better
 Facilitated by Leslie Marshall, the Leslie Marshall Show
 Content Bomb #4: Wealth Tax
 with Patriotic Millionaire Roy Ulrich
 Content Bomb #5: Their Money vs. Your Sweat
 with Patriotic Millionaire Frank Patitucci
 Content Bomb #6:
 with Molly Watson, Courage Campaign
 Content Bomb #7: Surtax (Taxing the VERY Rich)
 with Patriotic Millionaires Chuck Collins
 Taxing the Rich & the Grassroots
 with Dana Bye, Campaign Director, Tax March
 PANEL: Hell No! You Aren’t Worth It!
 Moderator: Danny Feingold, Chair, Capital & Main, joined by:

  • State Sen. Nancy Skinner, author SB 37
  • Sarah Anderson, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Sydney Scout, Working Families Party State Director
 Economic Jenga with Billionaires
 with Erica Payne, Founder and President, Patriotic Millionaires
 PANEL: Schools & Communities First
 Moderator: Moderator: Erin Aubry Kaplan, Capital and Main, joined by:

  • Ben Grieff, Campaign Director EVOLVE CA
  • Gloria Martinez, VP of Elementary Schools, UTLA
  • Catherine Bracy, Tech Equity Collaborative
  • Jennifer Martinez, Chief Strategy Officer, PICO California
 Taxing the Rich & the Grassroots
 with Dana Bye, Campaign Director, Tax March
 Patriotic Millionaires Address
 with Patriotic Millionaire George Zimmer
 Closing Remarks
 with with Erica Payne, Founder and President, Patriotic Millionaires, and Morris Pearl, Chair of Patriotic Millionaires